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 5 Key Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch and Master

These mobile marketing trends are impacting every aspect of our lives and businesses, and for the most part, for the better. The mobile revolution which started since the rise of smart devices is picking up steam and taking off with a new wave.  The smart-phone based experiences are common place and taking on new shapes in advertising, content consumption, and sales and customer service.  Augmented reality becomes real, Amazon is re- awakens and perhaps takes over digital advertising, and artificial intelligence drives customer service and engagement.

Mobile Marketing Trends

Are you in the Game?  Mobile Marketing Trends you Can’t Afford to Miss

While these magnificent mobile advancements are happening, many small and medium size businesses have not awakened to the power of mobile and how to make it work for their business.

So, the mobile web is continuing to grow at a rapid pace and smarter phones are becoming smarter.   This is great but what does it mean for  your business? In this video we cover basic mobile marketing trends and equip you with tips to leverage mobile for your business.

  1. Multi-channel strategy and consistent brand experience are necessary to improve your customer experience and engagement.  Start with a responsive web design and an integrated marketing plan that takes into consideration online, offline, and mobile.
  2. More visual and aesthetic content – be creative with images and graphics and let them tell the story or drive interaction.
  3. Mobile video is immensely popular.  Find ways to take advantage of this for your brand.
  4. Mobile is changing how we socialize.  Be sure to include social media in your multi-channel marketing and communication strategy.
  5. Location-based technology and services are everywhere.  Are you focusing on local?

The mobile revolution advances and brings with it greater customer engagement, improved brand loyalty, and more sales.  Join or miss out!