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 Expand your Brand, Reach and Engage your Audience, and Boost Sales with Video Marketing

How a business offers information to visitors and prospects has changed for ever.  Today, online video marketing is the wanted form of content.  View these video marketing tips to get your started with your video campaign.

Video marketing tips and trends - Hubspot 2018

The findings for video marketing are more than compelling, users tend to watch a video rather than dull written content, they share more videos, and use it to get their jobs done or their lives improved. And, video is interactive content and more persuasive.

Are you doing what your business needs to capture traffic, leads, and growth that are available to you with the video marketing channel?

We cover 5 actionable video marketing tips:

Tip 1: Proceed with purpose by establishing your goals and specific objectives for each video.

Tip 2: Educate rather than advertise.

Tip 3: Offer remarkable content – be sure your video content and context support (not sabotage) your message – lighting, graphics, and copy need to be congruent with your message.

Tip 4: Include a call-to-action (CTA).  Your indigence should have no doubt as to what to do next.

Tip 5: Upload, imbed, and promote – Craft a distribution and promotion plan and be sure to leverage multiple channels to promote your video, including your website, social media channels, and email communications.

Tip 6:  Be sure to track and measure your results.

All the trends in 2018 and beyond, including voice search, mobile first, augmented reality, and intelligent chat are creating overwhelming evidence in support of video.

If you ate not investing in video marketing, your are certainly missing on a great opportunity to expand your brand, reach and attract your target audience, and boost your sales.  What are you waiting for?