We are a premier digital marketing agency serving Chicago area businesses.  As an online agency within a global Internet marketing company, we bring global power to local small and medium size business marketing.

Do you want QUALITY LEADS FLOODING  your website and business?

Do you have aggressive GROWTH GOALS and not sure how the Internet can help you?

Are you struggling to be VISIBLE or LOVED online?

Do you aspire to RANK IN TOP POSITIONS on the Search Engines?

Are you needing to focus your marketing-sales on NURTURING CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS and growth?

Do you need a strategic partner to design and manage ROI-OBSESSED marketing campaigns?

That’s exactly what we do and WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR SUCCESS! 



Proven Experience

Agile Process

Proven Results

  • With more than 21 years of experience simplifying the Internet and thousands of successful clients, we have perfected the discipline of driving your online success.

  • WSI Digital Marketing (WSI) has been a global leader since 1999.  WSI means “We Simplify the Internet.”  Elaine Mikesell joined WSI in 2015 after a long, successful career with IBM and opened Mikesell Digital Consulting, a local WSI digital marketing agency, to help Chicago area businesses build profitable growth with the Internet.

  • We have one focus – to drive your success by helping you grow and support your business.

  • We help you develop the perfect strategy and implement the perfect mix of tactics to build sustainable exposure, convert your leads, and grow your business.


  1. We align our advice and actions with YOUR BEST INTERESTS.
  2. We COMMUNICATE PROACTIVELY with you and your team and RESPOND to them in a timely and effective way.
  3. We provide you with TRANSPARENT and insightful reports so that you can make DATA-DRIVEN choices.
  4. We become an EXTENSION OF YOUR TEAM by devoting the resources to understand your business and your customers.
  5. We take PERSONAL CARE of your business.
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At our digital marketing agency, we are strong believers in creating long-term partnerships.  We use a flexible team structure of digital marketing experts and strategies, experienced project managers, and a global network of well trained and handpicked web developers, content writers, automation marketing specialists, social media consultants, and SEO experts.  This enables us to be agile and adaptive to the size and focus of your project to deliver high-quality, leading-edge digital marketing solutions.

Come to us for customized digital marketing solutions to help you grow your business.

Elaine Mikesell - Digital Marketing Agency owner

Elaine Mikesell, Ph.D.

Founder, Managing Partner

Elaine is an entrepreneur and transformation advisor whose passion for advancement and growth lies at the heart of our agency.  Her vision of customer-centricity, trust, and truth are the bedrock of our mission of inspiring long-term partnerships with our clients.  She is a tenacious and compassionate leader who brings the best out of teams.

Lisa Kilrea- Digital Marketing Agency principal

Lisa Kilrea

Digital Ad Hoc Consultant

Lisa is an online sales and lead generation expert with extensive experience in both offline and online marketing.  She specializes in adaptive SEO.  She is a ‘top-25-consultant’ within the WSI network of digital marketers.  She is strategic, disciplined, and results-driven

Ben Smith - Digital Marketing Agency Advertiser

Ben Smith

Digital Advertising Architect

Ben is a branding, business growth, PPC, and programmatic advertising architect.  He has been perfecting digital campaigns since the first day they were available and has helped 100s of businesses grow with digital advertising.  Ben is a Premier Google Partner and a co-author of the book, Digital Minds.  He is a Top Gun within the WSI Network.

Paula Sanders - Digital Marketing Agency Strategist

Paula Sanderson

Inbound Marketing Strategist

Paula specializes in driving online leads and sales through digital marketing strategy and implementation.  She is an Inbound Marketing subject matter expert and a Hubspot Partner.  She has helped multiple B2B businesses grow their leads internationally with inbound and content marketing campaigns supported by marketing automation.

Sheetal- Digital Marketing Agency copywriting

Sheetal Pinto

Principal, Content Manager

Sheetal has extensive experience in communications and public relations with senior management positions in several blue-chip international companies. She directs content planning and production services, including optimized website pages, blogs, case studies, and premium online resources.

Elaine Mikesell - Digital Marketing Agency Designer

Mattison Moran

Digital Media & Web Designer

Mattison is impeccable with graphic design, art direction, branding, and advertising.  Her vision for beauty, clean lines, and tasteful artistic illustrations are inspirational. She has the perfect mix of design vision and attention to details. You can count on her to reflect your core brand messages with perfect visuals.



    We review your individual situation, understand your gaps and needs, and identify opportunities for success, so we can tailor a custom-made digital marketing solutions package. The foundations for a long-term partnership is set.


    Together, we drill down on your target customers, identify and uncover their pain points and gain points, and evaluate their buying motives and processes. We use the information to attract them to your business and serve them better.


    We identify your competitors, both the ones you know and the ones you don’t. We identify how you stack up against them and ways you can differentiate your business from theirs. We use the information to help you set up realistic objectives.


    Together, we define your strategic objectives (e.g., # of new customers, # of leads # of visitors, etc.). We create a road map and an actionable plan to achieve your objectives and make sure we’re doing the right things to achieve or exceed the desired results.


    We analyze and integrate the right technology components to develop or optimize your online assets (website, social media, analytics) and implement the right mix of tactics to execute your growth strategy.


    We create your marketing plan to reach your dream customers and help you discover your brand’s unique voice to help make your content consistently identifiable so it rises above the noise.


    With a stringent process of checks and balances, we tweak the approach based on data and customer behavior and perform tactical optimization to attract, convert, and close sales. Our goal is that the final outcomes are nothing less than you expected.


    Our work is collaborative and our partnership is for the long-term. Our aim is to take care of your digital marketing program and manage it strategically so that you stay on top of the competitive landscape and are wildly successful.


    Ensure your multi-channel marketing strategy is on point to connect with your target customers at multiple levels (including emotional), resulting in trust, loyalty, conversions, and sales.

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