With digital advertising and paid search, your business has the opportunity to create highly targeted advertising campaigns that reach your most valuable customers online at the opportune time.  Those ads are often the first time a prospective customer recognizes your brand.  So, make a great first impression with incredible ads, helpful content, and optimized targeted landing pages to convert your visitors to leads.  And, hire a digital advertising agency you can trust.

Then follow through with supportive lead capture and outcome tracking to grow your business.  We leverage leading edge programmatic machine learning technology such as Acquisio to continuously hone and optimize your campaign based on behavioral and up to date market data.  As a Premier Google Partner and Google Adwords specialist, your WSI team always makes sure that your ad dollars are being optimized and looks for the latest innovative ways to improve your campaigns.  Hire a digital advertising agency you can trust to be transparent and get you the results you need to grow.

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Whether your are doing pay per click or display advertising, your ad copy is the hook that grabs your prospects’ attention.  Your ad copy and the landing page together are your 24X7 online sales team, giving your prospects every reason to hire you at their convenience.  As your digital advertising agency,  our team will design attractive ads and effective landing pages to convert your targeted visitors.  These digital assets will feature your key value propositions, supportive collaterals, customer reviews, special offers, and a strong call to action.

Digital Advertising Agency - Ad Copy

We partner with the industry’s best call tracking vendors, such as Callrail.  Your campaigns will include call tracking, which notifies you when a prospect dials your number.  The notification will include the name and number of a caller as well as a fully recorded conversation so that you can take timely action and review and coach your sales and support teams.

Digital Advertising Agency - Call Recording

Testing and optimizing is an important part of our job for you, and this is more than just copy draft testing. We use a variety of experimentation, A/B, before/after, and black-box testing to gain a significant advantage and continuously improve your campaign to perfection.

Digital Advertising Agency - A/B Testing

Our team will measure, optimize, and report on meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs) and outcomes of your advertising campaign so that you can make data-driven decisions and grow your business.  We will look at KPIs such as number of  leads you received and your conversion rate.

Digital Advertising Agency - Advertising Analytics


Pay-Per Click (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising – Google AdWords & Bing

Using Internet paid search marketing (particularly, PPC), we can identify people who are looking for your products or services and immediately connect them with your business.

When you know the intent of someone searching the Internet, you have an opportunity to provide the exact information they need to influence a decision. For example, when someone types “cost of an iPad” into the Google search field, you would have a good sense of what their intent is.  You can then design the right ad with their focused key phrase and implement the ad via the platform of the search engine of choice (e.g., Google Adwords).

Digital Advertising Agency - GOOGLE PARTNER BADGE

Pay per click advertising allows you to quickly drive lead generation (or sales) while providing granular control over marketing performance and ROI.  This becomes increasingly important when you provide time-sensitive offers like event promotion or special offers (e.g., Mother’s Day sale on flowers).

Display & Retargeting

Display Advertising & Retargeting

Display Advertising is one of your secret weapons; you can now easily and strategically place attractive advertising banners throughout your prospect’s buying journey and social media engagement.  Smart Display Advertising influences consumer behavior and decisions.

Digital Advertising Agency - Display and Retargeting

WSI uses a Platform called Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).  DSPs have revolutionized how marketers use dynamic bidding in the display advertising ecosystems. With DSP, you can now effectively follow your audience around the web, reaching them anywhere on any platform, with ease.  You can target them with the appropriate messaging based on real-time criteria, from geo-targeting (where they are), their search history, to the device they are using (e.g. mobile).  DSPs provide a level of cross-channel analytics that is unmatched, giving you the intelligence you need to monitor performance while achieving your business growth objectives.  Are your ready to elevate your marketing activities and deliver powerful results across the Internet?

With WSI and our strategic partnership with Google, you’ll have the best resource in helping you succeed in digital advertising.

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