We ​help you orchestrate a complete customer-centric digital marketing strategy and work with the goal of delighting visitors and customers along every stage of their buying journey.  From initial planning and journey mapping to the design, development, and management of all of the necessary assets, our cross-disciplinary team can plan, produce, and optimize the creative and technical elements needed to build impactful relationships with your customers.  Our team of strategists, projects managers, analysts, designers, and developers follow lean practices to continuously improve your digital assets based on data-driven feedback loops.


Competitive Analysis

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Audit & Competitor Analysis

Let’s start here to determine if you need a competitive audit.  Check all that apply:

  • Do you have ambitious growth goals?
  • Are you wondering how industry trends are impacting your business?
  • Are your competitors doing better, but you don’t know why?
  • Are you seeing your marketing-sales efforts not directed for growth?
  • Are you not confident that current programs will get you there?
  • Are you questioning return on your investments?
  • Do you not have a strategic approach to customer acquisition, conversion and retention?

We’ll help you conduct a well thought-out gap analysis and create a strategic plan for growth.  We collaborate with you for the competitive audit to account for your objectives, customer segments and their buying journey, capabilities, competitors, and gaps.  The analysis forms the bedrock for your growth-focused digital marketing plan.

Digital Marketing Strategy - Competitive Analysis Diagram

Get the insights you need to make informed decisions!

Digital Strategy

Customer-Centric Digital Marketing Strategy

Knowing your customers and prospects is the most powerful driver of innovation in your business.  Every successful business has an obsessive empathy for and focus on the customer and every decision has the customer in the forefront.  Your customers want more than just a product or service, they crave a personalized experience.  We help you put yourself in the shoes of your customers, understand their needs and challenges, and empathize with them.  We call this Persona Development.

We brainstorm with your team and stakeholders, such as sales, customer services, your actual customers and identify:

  • Who are your DREAM customers?
  • Why do they use your product or services?
  • From where are they getting information?
  • When do they experience a problem that your product or service solves?
  • How are they accessing your products or services?

Digital Marketing Strategy-digital and customer experience strategy diagram

 Put your dream customers center-stage in the architecture of your business growth program!

Powered with a deep empathy for your dream customers, we collaborate with you to build your customers’ buying journey or service experience journey.  With the customer journey mapping, we help you rewire your organizations around the customer journeys that improve traffic, qualified  leads, revenue, satisfaction, and cost.

Our team also collaborates with leading strategic partners known for their customer experience expertise, including customer experience analytics and journey mapping, to bring you the best results.  What you get is a smart digital marketing strategy that paves the path for satisfied customers, positively recognized brand, and a growing business.

Strategic Roadmap

Digital Marketing Plan 

  • We create a comprehensive plan to increase leads in your top-line business growth areas with specific metrics to track ROI.
  • We focus your marketing and sales efforts on the areas and customer segments that matter most for your growth opportunities.
  • We work with you to design an action plan that optimizes marketing/sales alignment.
Digital Marketing Strategy - Digital Marketing Plan

Count on us to help you create an actionable plan for your business growth!

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