Web analytics tools collect and report data on how people interact with your website. Being able to understand these web analytics reports and metrics will enable you to identify the most effective marketing channels –and be ready to gain a competitive advantage.


These 5 analytics reports will enable you to improve your overall customer experience, and increase sales.


1. Referring Sites Report

Knowing which at websites and search engines refer traffic to you – and what pages of your website they link to, will enable you to guide your content marketing strategy and successfully allocate your ad budget.

2. Content Engagement Report

Measuring visitor engagement is key to turning website visitors into leads. Knowing which blog topics command the most attention and social shares, will give you direction for achieving your content creation objectives.

3. Landing Pages Report

The home page is no longer the only website entry point. Using a landing pages reports, you can see what content is attracting the most traffic, and how visitors are interacting with your offers and lead capture processes.

4. Site Search Report

Often overlooked, a site search report will show you what visitors are looking for once they land on your site – it can indicate where to make website improvements, as well as help direct development for future marketing campaigns.

5. Mobile Performance Report

The ever-increasing number of mobile users expect fast, reliable, and accessible web content. So, understanding how your mobile audience interacts with your website is vital to delivering engaging content.

The most important website metrics are the ones that tie closely to business results – regularly reviewing these vital reports will enable you to significantly improve your marketing impact.

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