Marketing and media are constantly changing and evolving as more streamlined, convenient, and user-friendly tools are put into place.  Also, search engines are becoming more intelligent about user intent at guiding them to answers to their problems as quickly as possible. Keywords used to be the buzzword for the best SEO and what everyone strived for, then long-tail keywords, and now it’s all about the organic click-through rate. This is the rate for each unique potential customer who manages to find your website magically, through searching, a related post, or trial and error. The main goal is to get the most organic click-through rates possible, where customers are led directly to your site, which then leads to a purchase of your products or services. The more unique clicks, the more chances for a larger customer base. There are several relatively simple strategies you can implement to increase your organic click-through rate with a few simple tweaks to your current content.

Let’s take a look at 8 amazing and simple tips to increase those organic clicks on your website.

The Headline Hook

Good headlines don’t cut it anymore. You must come up with a fabulously amazing and incredible headline that spurs the reader into that automatic click!  This means telling the reader exactly what the content is with a little bit of “pizazz” added in. Instead of “Good Books for a Rainy Day” make it “10 Incredible Books Everyone Must Read Before They Die”.

Emotion Over Logic

Another great way to get more organic click-through rates is by appealing to a person’s emotional side.  If they feel they must do something or know about a certain topic, or there is something that makes their life a little bit easier, the response rate improves by a large amount. 
Appeal to their emotions and you can be sure your click-through rate will increase.

Words Are Key

Do you fancy yourself as a wordsmith? Like to make clever plays on words? Keywords have been discussed and analyzed in detail, but what about power words?  Adjectives and adverbs can make your content pop and get it noticed. Words like amazing, proven, dramatically, instant…you get the idea.  Add these words to headlines, descriptions, and that first impactful paragraph to generate more interest and increase organic click-through rate.

Analyze Your Analytics

Analytics are your friend. Use the information and analytics that is generated automatically by your website and Google Business account to figure out what is working well and what needs more work.  Focus on the posts that have the worst performance ratings and try to understand why.  Sometimes it is merely adjusting the title with a few more descriptive words that will help the content to stand out.

Optimize Your URL

Okay, so you have a topic and article, but the URL is something like “;a” (made-up link, you get the idea!). The URL needs to show exactly what the topic is about, not some random set of letters and numbers.  These days, your URL means something to both the search engine and to the person trying to find related content.  It depends on which server you are using for your website.  Some sites such as WordPress offer a fix with Yoast to make sure your links are SEO friendly and not just an index number.  Making the link with the same categories and keywords that are included in the content is the best practice for your rankings.

A Picture Really Is Worth 1,000 Words

Images, infographics, and videos are now an essential element of nearly all digital marketing campaigns.  In fact, from 2015 to 2016 the use of visuals in marketing increased by 130%, according to a study by Venngage.  It has become so easy for even a novice to come up with captivating visuals by using free stock photos and tools like Canva.  There’s really no excuse not to use a visual in each marketing post on social media or for a blog post.  Visuals will give your content a new lease of life and make it stand out from the crowd.

Everyone Loves A List

These days, there is a new moniker of “listicle” which, in case you didn’t know, is a cross between the words “list” and “article”.  Websites, like the widely popular Buzzfeed, constantly add listicles numerous times a day to keep their audience engaged and interested.  “10 Things To Know About Traveling In France” or “Twelve Reasons to Skip University” are examples of a listicle.  People enjoy clicking on a listicle so take a topic that would be useful to your customer base and watch your organic click-through rates grow.  For some reason, people like numbers ending in “0”, so 10 or 20 or 50 as opposed to 12 or 24. 
 And, if you can’t make your list in 10’s, finish on an odd number as these have been proven to do better than evens.

Be Relatable

Gone are the days of formal writing and long form, boring blogs.  People want to read something useful and relatable.  You can provide the best content in the world but if you cannot find a way for people to engage with the content, what’s the point?  With more content than ever online, you need to find a way to make your blogs and other content stand out from the crowd.  Finding your voice and a way of writing that people will relate to takes time. You also need to understand your audience.  Knowing who you are speaking to, allows you to tailor the message for that particular demographic and increase clicks to your website.

Improve Your Organic Click-Through Rate and Grow your Brand

Having more people click through your links and land on your website is the aim of many digital marketing campaigns.  Try implementing some of the tips above or get in touch and let us lead you in the right direction.  With the right guidance, you can improve your organic click-through rate and send more visitors to your website in no time.  Let us know how we can help.