There are simple ways – if followed rigorously – that are sure to boost your Instagram followers. Don’t waste your time wracking your brain for novel and potentially spammy tactics. Increasing your real Instagram followers and improving your social media marketing with Instagram can be done by following precise, essential strategies

It may take some tweaking and it may involve adjusting to some new habits but you are almost certain to see results if you choose to follow these actionable tips.

 1. Use Instagram Stories

The Instagram Stories feature allows you to create temporary posts that can even appear to those who do not follow your content. If you use Stories effectively, you can create enough interest in your pages to entice new users to follow you. To increase your real Instagram followers using the Stories feature, add relevant hashtags (not everyone is doing this with Stories yet!), include links to your pages within the story itself, and follow a “sneak-peak” strategy when it comes to content.

2. Use Hashtags Efficiently

Using more specific and less generic hashtags is a sure-fire way of letting your Instagram page stand out. And standing out (for the right reasons) is a good way to increase your real Instagram followers. For example, if you are the digital marketing manager for a travel agency, using popular travel hashtags like #travel or #welltraveled may well get you a few extra likes. However, using more hashtags that are specific to the destination you are promoting such as #hawaii or #hawaiilife.

Don’t let your content be buried under a pile of other posts with the same contrived hashtags. Ideally, you can be aiming to come up with a trendy hashtag yourself and promote it outside of the Instagram environment. Using location tagging can also be helpful in targeting an audience that is closest to your geographical area.

Instagram allows you to use up to 2,200 characters in your Instagram caption and it’s important you utilize this space. Using detailed descriptions is a useful tactic in engaging your followers, making your post more thoughtful, inspiring and sharable. With longer descriptions accompanying your images, you can grow your Instagram followers quicker as your posts will be more interesting and it also gives you more potential to add hashtags naturally to your content. You don’t need to use the entire 2,200-character allowance but longer captions will generate more interest and show you are an authority on your subject and are worth following.

3. Time Your Posts (and Post Consistently)

Timing can play a big role in how broad the reach of your posts will be. There are other extensive analyses on post-timing, but this can differ on a case-by-case basis. Consider your time-zone in comparison with your audience. Ultimately, the best way to determine the optimal time for posting your unique content is to experiment with different times and see which consistently generates the largest increase in real Instagram followers.

4. Engage Followers in Comments

Responding to commenters on your posts is a good way to demonstrate your commitment to your followers.  It is also effective for generating new interest and engagement with your pages.  Increasing engagement in this way is sure to maintain your existing followers, while also potentially demonstrating

5. Start a Contest to Increase Real Instagram Followers

It almost goes without saying that starting a contest is a great way to attract people to follow your account. Establish an interesting contest and one that ideally uses the Instagram medium to the fullest (photo contests, for example). Alternatively, posting a discount or coupon code for your products is another “carrot” which can entice people to follow your page.

6. User-Generated Content

Having user-generated content on your feed (whether it be from a well-organized contest or not) is a great way to increase the perceived authenticity of your page. Increasing real Instagram followers using this tactic requires a thorough plan of your branding strategy and how you aim to be perceived in social media. Users respond well to posts that have developed organically from other users and are more likely to buy in to your brand if it appears inclusive and engaging.

7.  Follow Trends Closely

But not too closely! It is important to notice patterns in content that is consistently popular or trending. Staying abreast with current developments can improve your hashtag optimization as well as provide you with aesthetic inspiration.

However, it is also important to develop your own distinct style. Ideally, if you can combine popular trends with your own flourish, you will find that you can effectively participate in massive online conversations and draw new interest to your business in the process.

8. Use Instagram Ads

If your marketing budget allows for it, consider using the Instagram Ads tool to actively appear in new feeds. A full how-to guide can be found here. Naturally, this should be treated as an investment as there is a real cost behind this tactic. Plan your ad campaign well and you should see a boost in the number of your followers.

9. Promote Your Content Elsewhere

Using your other social media pages to direct traffic to your Instagram page can be a good way to solidify your follower base. Make sure to at least occasionally cross-post your content between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There is a point at which this can be too much, however, as if you post all of your content on each page all of the time, this can destroy the incentive to specifically follow your Instagram account. It is best to leave some exclusive content for Instagram followers only.

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Often, simply issuing a “call to action” request to follow you can be very effective. Sometimes increasing your real Instagram followers is as easy as providing that extra push to click the “Follow” button.

Consistent Work with Engaging Content and Graphics = Boost your Instagram Followers

Follow these actionable and simple steps today to see dramatic improvement in your number of Instagram followers. It can take time to see results, but these tips have proven to work. Consistency and patience will bring a wealth of new interest to your Instagram page. With our vast experience in social media marketing, our team can help guide you to measurable results with your social media marketing efforts. Give us a call todayand let us help you to grow your Instagram followers and give your brand more credibility in the online landscape.